About the Workshop

Welcome to “Creating a Digital Portfolio,” a workshop for Library Science and IT students.

Thursday March 29, 5:30-7:30. Facilitated by Matt Trease, Rachael Sullivan, and Jim Schultz.

Today, you’ll learn how to use WordPress to create a digital portfolio of your work. WordPress is a powerful open source platform that is much more than a blog. We’ll be using WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS). Our goal is to make your portfolio look like a well-designed, professional, and clearly organized website.

The plan:

  • introductory discussion
    • What is the most important part of a resume when you’re applying for a job? Where do you think your potential employer’s eye goes first?
    • What is a digital portfolio, and what can it help you do? Why do you want one?
    • What color, design, and structural choices are best for your portfolio? (Let’s check out some samples. Look for things that stand out in a positive or negative way.)
    • Why use WordPress for your website?
  • hands-on demo and basic skills
    • components of the WordPress “dashboard”
    • de-bloggifying your site — changing your front page to a static page
      • create a new home page (Dashboard > Pages > Add New)
      • set the new home page as the front page (Dashboard > Settings > Reading)
      • also see Matt’s tutorial for step-by-step help
    • how to choose the right theme
    • re-envisioning your resume for a digital space
      • home page, my work, gallery, writing, coursework, resume, profile, testimonials, contact
    • using menus
    • uploading and linking files
    • integrating social media presence
      • connecting to social media (Dashboard > Settings > Sharing)
      • social media widgets (Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets)
    • premium options
  • Jim Schultz, Systems Administrator in the School of Information Studies, will give a brief talk about how to take these to the next level (buying a domain name, hosting your own site, etc.).